Collaborating to find a cure for AMD: Macular Society infographic

Macular Society InfographicAge-related macular degeneration is one of the leading causes of sight loss globally, affecting nearly as many people as dementia; however, in the UK less than one fifth of one percent of medical research funding is spent on investigating the condition. This striking statistic is part of the landmark new report by the Macular Society, Collaborating to Find a Cure, calling for an increase in research funding.

Essential reading for any eye health professional, the report asks researchers and sight loss charities to work together, building on previous campaigns. The report asks organisations to make the case for increased funding and broader awareness of the condition. The statistics surrounding AMD are stark. The infographic highlights, for example, that diagnoses are predicted to double by 2050 unless researchers, funding bodies and charities collaborate to ‘beat’ the condition.

AMD affects far more than just sight – the condition has a ‘devastating impact’ on people, affecting their working life, their mental health and their families. If cases are to double, we need to be prepared. This means educating patients on the importance of early screening, improving treatments and putting structures in place for better patient support and monitoring post-diagnosis.

Further research and raised global awareness will help to find a cure, and a key aim must be to encourage the general public to be screened regularly, alongside standard eye tests.

The report’s accompanying infographic sets out its key concerns and actions Why not share it with colleagues or on social media to do your bit for raising awareness of AMD?

Macular Society Infographic

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