Whitepaper – The dangers of blue light

How can we protect ourselves against the increasing threat of damaging blue light?


A growing body of medical research is beginning to focus on the role played by harmful blue light in damaging the eye, leading to conditions like age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

This has been prompted by two global factors: an ageing population and a younger generation making regular, heavy use of blue light-emitting technology.

In this whitepaper we will examine in greater detail the effects of blue light, the eye’s natural resistance to it, and how that resistance can be bolstered. Particularly close attention will be paid to the role of technology and blue light, specifically:

  • The increasing use of blue light-emitting technology in society today, and how drastically different our lives are from previous generations in this respect.
  • How young people are particularly vulnerable to the harmful effects of blue light due to their unprecedented levels of exposure.
  • What we know about the burden this places upon healthcare services, and the stance of various public health bodies on the issue.
  • The work being done by the technology industry to reduce the amount of blue light produced by their products.
  • The proactive steps that can be taken by patients and eye care professionals to mitigate the harmful impact of blue light and protect against the risk of developing AMD in future.

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