The business case for macular pigment screener MPS II

macular pigment screener MPS II business case

The MPS II macular pigment screener offers fast, reliable results. It gives eye health professionals the ability to detect, treat, and prevent various eye diseases such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD). This is good for the patient, and the MPS II can be great for your business too.

For example, if the MPS II was to cost your practice £6,000 you would only need to see 300 patients at £20 per person before covering the device’s initial cost.

As the results are quick and accurate you will be able to immediately offer the patient advice on simple changes to their lifestyle and diet, and prescribe recommended supplementation which can be purchased at the practice and can delay or even prevent the onset of such a debilitating condition as AMD.

The MPS II is an essential part of a three-step process of diagnosing and managing AMD:

  • Detect: screen to detect low levels of macular pigment
  • Manage: supplementation, diet and lifestyle choices all increase MP levels
  • Monitor: regular check-ups to monitor macular pigment levels

Whilst reviewing the cost-effectiveness of the MPS II, leading consultant Dr Scott Mackie identified “a notable percentage of patients with [AMD] risk factors.”  Through early detection Dr Mackie was able to prevent possible sight loss in many of his patients, establishing a strong, healthy relationship with them and improving the credibility of his practice.

More information

To find out how you can install an MPS II macular pigment screener in your practice please visit the ophthalmology pages on the Elektron Technology Ophthalmic website.

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