Enabling fast and cost effective AMD screening

AMD Screening with the MPS IIAge-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the most common cause of vision loss in the global aged population. With no cure, and an ageing global population, the key to managing this debilitating and costly condition is to take fast, effective and preventative measures.

The Macular Pigment Screener (MPS ll) from Elektron Technology helps eye care professionals do just that. It is the world’s first fully portable macular screener, enabling the early detection of patients at risk of blindness from AMD.

The MPS II enables proactive care management cutting healthcare costs by helping optical professionals to support patients with managing their condition through diet, supplementation and lifestyle changes.

The MPS II is also affordable, compared with other devices – a cost-effective solution to a high-cost problem. The global cost of AMD was $343 billion in 2010, including $255 billion direct health care costs. Through early detection and management, these costs can be dramatically reduced.

The MPS II is compact and portable, allowing patients and practitioners the flexibility to use it in convenient locations in clinics and hospitals, as well as out in the field – particularly essential in the rural communities of the developing world.

It’s accurate too. Monocular detection is the most accurate subjective method, and low levels of macular pigment (MP) can be detected at an early stage by the MPS II.

The results are fast. It only takes around 90 seconds per eye to get the results of the test, and dual modes enable practitioners to drill down for detailed results.

Screening for low macular pigment by the MPS II is currently the best way of identifying those patients who are at the greatest risk of developing AMD. The MPS II enables the early identification of AMD, supporting patients and practitioners with managing and monitoring disease progression. It’s making a real difference to the lives of sufferers:

“As a patient with only one functional eye with central vision, I was advised by Dr Mackie to get my macular pigment checked with the MPOD* which revealed that I needed to start taking nutritional supplements. I am delighted that further testing of my macular pigment with the MPS II has revealed that my macular pigment has increased and my risk of developing AMD is reduced. I hope other patients like me are offered this enhanced technology”

* First generation screener

As well as patient benefits, the MPS II brings many commercial benefits to practice:

“The MPS II is extremely good value and we have already made our money back on the device several times over through initial consultation and follow up fees. It’s a cost-effective piece of equipment, adding value to the patient and practice – we screen a notable percentage of patients with risk factors. We sell the supplements at RRP and thus make money each month the patient is using them but I feel this is ethical if you are giving them to the correct patient groups. We’ve been very active in the local area publicising what we do.”
– Dr Scott W Mackie, Consultant Ophthalmologist.

If AMD is not tackled now, we will see the condition grow into an epidemic over the next 20 years. By using technology to detect AMD early and accurately monitor its progression, we can prevent this scenario, reducing the financial burden on governments and patients, creating an extra revenue stream for eye care professionals and, most importantly, improving the quality of AMD sufferers’ daily lives as well..

To find out more about AMD screening with the MPS ll from Elektron Technology visit the product page or get in touch to arrange a demonstration.

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