Celebrating 20 years of FloraGLO Lutein with DSM and Kemin

FloraGLOOne of the most significant lutein brands celebrated 20 years in the market last week with a congress in Lisbon, which the Ophthalmic team attended. FloraGLO Lutein was introduced globally in 1996 and to this day provides a foundation for the development and advancement of Lutein for human eye health.

During the congress we offered macular pigment screening with our MPS II, testing large groups of people at the event with results as above average.

DSM and Kemin (formulators and manufacturers of FloraGLO respectively) invited partners to the event to celebrate two decades of FloraGLO and to reveal research findings and future plans.

 “The impact of FloraGLO Lutein on eye health over the last two decades has been significant, as demonstrated by this global event. Today’s Congress is not only an opportunity to highlight new science, but also to facilitate wider discussions that will shape future developments.”

– Pedro Vieira, Vice-President, Human Nutrition and Health division of Kemin

testing with the MPS II

Their latest findings show there is a need to market lutein and zeaxanthin supplements to younger customers, where previously it has been targeted to older people suffering from age-related macular degeneration. The research shows a positive effect from FloraGLO on blue light filtration and glare resistance.

Blue light is a growing health concern, which we have covered on our blog, and was a particular focus of the congress. Both Stuart P. Richer and Billy R. Hammond Jr., key opinion leaders in blue light, presented on the topic at the event.

“FloraGLO Lutein is the most clinically researched lutein brand in the world. The recent scientific findings allow us to offer FloraGLO Lutein to wider audiences than ever before. This is testimony to the ongoing success of both the product and our partnership with Kemin”

– Gareth Barker, Human Health & Nutrition Vice President, DSM.

The MPS II has been key, in recent years, at measuring the effectiveness of lutein and zeaxanthin supplementation, and their future plans show promise for reaching more patients around the world. We wish DSM and Kemin every success for the next 20 years of FloraGLO and will be there to support their advancements in supplementation and treatment.

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