Eye health news: New research shows lutein’s important in brain function and cognition

Eye health news: New research shows lutein's important in brain function and cognitionNew research has shown eye health nutrient lutein might be even more important for brain function. A congress recently heard that the carotenoid lutein, and others like zeaxanthin, plays a role in conjunction with omega-3 fatty acids like DHA in cognition. Further findings also show links to the onset of type 2 diabetes.

Tos Berendschot, PhD, from the University Eye Clinic Maastricht, a veteran 30-year researcher commented:

“It shifts the brain because the eye can be a marker for what is going on in the brain, and also in brain research on its own. So lutein as a nutrient that is directly linked to cognitive performance both in adults and children”

“As a research I am always sceptical, but sometimes the results speak for themselves. I think lutein could be more important than Vitamin C”

Lutein and zeaxanthin increase macular content in the eye, specifically MPDO and especially in the retina – this benefits eye sight, reduces AMD and blue light fatigue. This new research into brain function shows that the brain preferentially takes up lutein compared to other carotenoids.

Read more about this story on the Nutra Ingredients site, including more comment from lead researchers and lutein manufacturers, Kemin.

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